What is Pax Nation?

Humanity is on a precipice.

We are struggling to hold our planet together.

And the primary reason is that we are a world divided. How can we fix this?

We all know the power the internet has. We also know that most who use it as a tool spend much time there. Pax Nation is an attempt to create an “online nation”. A nation not defined by arbitrary boundaries on a map; not defined by political or religious agendas; not defined by skin color or language, but rather a nation defined by a shared desire for peace and love to return to the world. A nation devoted to understanding and tolerance. Envision it as being a true democracy, with actual elected officials, a constitution, and laws of sorts. If enough people become aΒ memberΒ of this nation; actually get involved, we can have an influence on the world. An economy could be created. Diplomatic ties could be established. And the voice of the world could actually be heard.

Many of us have the desire to recreate the human world, yet feel that there is so little we can do. Maybe alone it is difficult to make significant change, but if we of common mind join together and work in a united effort … well what one can’t do alone many can make a reality.

We welcome all to move to the Pax Nation!



20 responses to “What is Pax Nation?

  1. Wow Steve i hope this dream become true and i wish to see the world better place with no hate or racism

      • I genuinely think this idea could be revolutionary if it takes off! πŸ™‚ I wish you and the other citizens/members the best of luck with it!
        What would being a citizen mean? What would the rights and responsibilities of members be?

      • These are all things that need to be determined. I intend to give an initial list, but it will be up to our fellow citizens to truly determine it πŸ™‚

      • Once one becomes a citizen, can you be inactive for long periods of time and comment again and still be a citizen? And would I need a virtual passport?

      • Just like being a citizen of any nation. Leaving for a while does not change your citizenship. Passports will have to be discussed πŸ™‚

      • Sorry if I’m commenting too much, but what defences would we have against cyber-terrorists or hackers? Would that be an act of war? It’s a scary thought that an entire nation could disappear with the click of a button!

      • All very good questions! And all things that need to be addressed. I am going to have to start a list!

      • If I wasn’t so busy with school studies and Christmas, I’d love to put some time into helping you with your project. When I have time, I’ll help if I can! πŸ™‚

        When I was younger, I actually thought deeply about creating a nation by buying an island and declaring it my seperate from the rest of the world (such was the dream of a twelve year old) but that would be doomed to failure. This Internet nation seems plausible though.
        However, it could easily turn into a forum site or chatroom or game, rather than an actual nation. It will certainly be a difficult project, but worth the challenge! πŸ™‚

      • And don’t be sorry for presenting ideas. Hopefully soon I will have a more specific forum for that very purpose. I appreciate the input!

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