So far my crazy idea that started this blog has not really gone beyond the idea stage. My ultimate goal is to get others active in actually trying to change things. I am hoping to be the seed for a community that is devoted to humanity as a whole, and not selected groups. I community that does not just TALK about change, but enact it. In the vastness of my own imagination, this was a community so large that we could actually call it a nation … a nation with no borders … a nation devoted to peace and coexistence … in short PAX Nation. I am not closer to this crazy dream then I was when I first came up with it. But I am stubborn.

Maybe I am arrogant by thinking I can do such a thing. Maybe it is not really my place to do it. I have no problem with just being the seed planter. If others more suitable to making such a thing happen are out there … and truly want to create such a community, I invite … maybe even DARE you to join me. Even take over. Until such a time happens (if it does — maybe this is just one of those flying to cose to the sun dreams that ends up with melted wings), I will just keep plugging along. But I have decided to take the blog one step further, and move it to it’s own domain. Actually I have several for it now, but the only active one at the moment will be basically a copy of this current site, with more flexibility. The new site address is: http://paxnation.co/.

By having our own domains, we have more flexibility for both growth and content, and I can start actually creating the base for building an actual community. I still invites any who wish to not only help with building the community, but to contribute their own thoughts and ideas on what we ALL can do to improve the world we live in; to right wrongs; to bring justice AND fairness back; to make peace more profitable than war. If anyone feels they can contribute in ANY way, please comment here, or better yet on the NEW SITE, or even send me an email directly.

I can’t do it alone. I never had THAT delusion.


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